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The Next Evolution of DevOps

1. Cloud-Native Technology in Production As the cloud takes centre stage in pandemic recovery efforts, enabling millions of workers to work from home, maintaining supply chains globally, and rapidly transforming business models. In 2021, it estimates that the global public cloud infrastructure market will grow by 35% to $120 billion, about $7 billion higher than …

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Waterfall vs Agile Model

Initially, it is very important for us to know the basic meaning of the terms Waterfall and Agile, before exploring the differences between them. In a simple way, we describe, Agile means ‘able to move quickly and easily’ and hence that is what it means when it comes to the Agile development methodology. The waterfall …

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Jenkins Basics by TeamITServe

Kohsuke Kawaguchi, who is a Java developer, working at SUN Microsystems, was tired of building the code and fixing errors repetitively. In 2004, he created an automation server called Hudson that automates build and test task. In 2011, Oracle who owned Sun Microsystems had a dispute with Hudson open-source community, so they forked Hudson and renamed it …

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Agile IT Infrastructure

Agile is a philosophy—a mindset that is applied to enhance the provisioning, management, and operation of digital infrastructure. Agile promotes business-led development, whereby a product owner and package development team collaborate as one entity to deliver tasks that area unit prioritized supported business price. These tasks are delivered over a brief timeframe, like via two-week …

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A Guide to DevSecOps and its Implementation

DevOps DevOps is an efficient, time-saving, and relatively error-free process that ensures better software quality and high consumer satisfaction, a win-win for organizations. According to Atlassian, 99% of the surveyed population in 2019 had stated that DevOps had a positive impact on their organization. The DevOps lifecycle has seven phases to ensure an efficient, automated, …

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