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AWS LAMBDA || A Beginner’s Guide on TeamITServe

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda details

Running codes requires resources that can sometimes be inaccessible for many. AWS released Lambda in November 2014 to solve this problem. Lambda is a compute service that can run codes without any provisioning. Lambda by AWS is a server-less, event-driven computing platform.

With the help of AWS Lambda, users can run code for applications and backend services with absolute zero administration and pay only for the compute time consumed.

AWS Lambda manages all the below mentioned administrations:

  1. Provisioning and capacity of the compute fleet that offers a balance of memory, CPU, network, and other resources.
  2. Server and OS Maintenance.
  3. Automatic scaling.
  4. Fleet health monitoring.
  5. Applying security patches.
  6. Deploying code.
  7. Monitoring and logging user’s lambda functions.
  8. Running user’s code on a high availability compute infrastructure.

Features of Amazon Web Service Lambda:-

  • AWS Lambda only executes code when needed.
  • AWS Lambda can scale automatically no matter the number of requests per day.
  • Users only for the compute time consumed.
  • Users can manage their own compute using EC2 or Elastic beanstalk.
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