Amazon Web Services (AWS) | A Guide on TeamITServe

Amazon Web Services (AWS) | A Guide on TeamITServe

AWS is the world’s No.1 cloud service provider, ahead of its competitors like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and many others. AWS offers a wide variety of services. You name the technology, and AWS will have a service supporting that technology. AWS is currently the market leader in cloud services with a 31% market share well ahead of its competitors.

In recent years AWS has gained a lot of popularity amongst start-ups. Generally, start-ups are short on funds and cannot afford to buy big-budget servers and other expensive hardware equipment required to carry out day-to-day tasks as a company. AWS offers services at a very affordable and competitive price and is based on a pay-as-you-go basis, meaning that you have to pay only when you use any service with no prepaid amount involved. Also, for the companies that want a trustable and reliable cloud solutions platform wherein the performance-heavy task can be handled AWS is the way to go.

Some services provided by the AWS platform:

Amazon Route 53

The name itself suggests that at port no 53, AWS provides the DNS services to its applications. It effectively connects the EC2 instances or Amazon S3 bucket, and it also provides the routing information to the outer side of the AWS infrastructure. This feature makes AWS more user-friendly.

Amazon EC2

It provides scalability and reusability to the computing capacity in the AWS cloud. It decreases reliance on hardware and more to developing and deploying applications to the cloud. This is more helpful for the application developers who can focus more on building the application instead of managing them. Various instances for CPU, memory, network, and storage are available as per need.

Amazon S3

Storing the data and fetching them as per the need is the advantage of the AWS services. To store, retrieve or analyse, millions of data from anywhere at any time can be possible with the AWS S3. 

AWS is an easy-to-use cloud platform with powerful tools and appropriate pricing. The experience Amazon is able to provide with the AWS platform is unmatched in the cloud services industry.

So why wait? Get started with AWS today. Contact TeamITServe today for help!

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