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How to Implement DevSecOps?

DevSecOps (Developer + Security + Operations) is a movement created to facilitate collaboration between IT security and operations teams and integrate the technology and processes they use to keep systems and data secure — all in an effort to reduce risk and improve business agility.

Importance of DevSecOps

In recent years, we have seen that cyber-attacks have increased many folds, and even the most prepared organizations can’t deny the risk of undergoing a cyber-attack. It came into notice in the past few days that zero-day attacks compromised more than 65% of the total attacks, and the threats to cloud-based applications have significantly increased, which were previously negligible as more organizations are shifting towards cloud environments.

Incorporating security is essential to the DevOps process as security can no longer be neglected or underestimated. Further, this increased level of threat has given rise to DevSecOps.

The Steps to Implement DevSecOps:

  • Delivering code in small, and frequent releases.
  • Making the change management process more efficient.
  • Continuous compliance monitoring.
  • Regular threat investigation and reporting.
  • Periodic vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, and systemic scans.
  • Routine security training for all engineers, developers, and stakeholders involved.

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