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Important DevOps Practices


Many corporations suffer due to a time-consuming product development cycle, slow response times, low-profit margins, and low agility in operations. DevOps is an environment where the developer and operations team within an organization work in collaboration with each other for the product development and support cycle. DevOps helps organizations overcome these issues with the use of specific principles and processes.

The outcomes achieved with the correct implementation of DevOps are:

  • Fully Automated Deployment.
  • Frequent and Rapid Release Cycles.
  • Clutter-Free Operations.
  • Continuous Feedback Loop.
  • Development and Operations Groups Work Together.
  • Clear Establishment of Goals and Objectives.

DevOps is the answer to all the complexities of the application development process. Here are some of the best practices to adopt for DevOps Development:

  • Train staff on both DevOps Development and Cloud Computing
  • Keep security in mind
  • Use versatile DevOps tools
  • Think about service and resource governance
  • Automated performance testing

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