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What is GitHub? A Beginner’s Guide on TeamITServe


Git is a distributed SCM (source code management tool) and is one of the most used DevOps tools. There are two types of version control systems centralized and distributed. Git is a distributed version control system. Users can save different versions of their source code and return to previous builds whenever necessary. Currently, the two best online Git repo hosting services are GitHub and Bitbucket.


Git is a popular tool for collaboration among developers and, GitHub is an open-source platform based on the cloud for the developers using Git. GitHub has a community of around 30 million developers and, Microsoft acquired it for $7.5B in 2018.

Individuals can work together on projects using GitHub and, since Git is a distributed version control system, each individual gets a separate file to work. People can open issues on GitHub to report errors and, the concerned developer can work on it seamlessly by creating an alternative source code. GitHub makes the process of code creation, sharing, and bug fixing effortless and seamless. 

One advantage of using GitHub is the interface. Git requires a level of technical knowledge to operate but, GitHub is so user-friendly that even novice users can work it with ease. Some people also use it to complete other tasks like writing books because of how easily multiple people can work on the same project. GitHub as a platform has many paid services and business plans making it easier for organizations to manage employees, projects, and security.

GitHub is fast, reliable, stable, and user-friendly. GitHub has an extensive library of guides and articles all related to Git. GitHub has made collaboration extremely easy for coders and organizations. Even as a platform for backing up projects, GitHub is right there competing with the best platforms. GitHub continues to evolve. With an open-source ecosystem, a large number of active users, and a very user-friendly interface GitHub is probably the best Git-based platform.

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