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Information Technology with AI/ML

Information Technology with AI/ML

Information Technology with AI/ML | As humans, we have an inbuilt intelligence that we always use to make decisions in life. By default, machines are not intelligent and, they only do what we ask of them. The technique of simulating human intelligence in machines is known as artificial intelligence. Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Its focus is to conduct studies through different patterns (ML predictive models) and output predictions or answers without human interference. ML requires data through which it can create these models that can help in predictions. The bigger the pool of data is, the more accurate prediction. AI/ML is being used to monitor and effectively manage complex systems with ease. AI/ML is proving to be a game-changer for the IT industry in many ways:

  • AI modules can be trained to automate different tasks.
  • ML can make the entire operation efficient.
  • AI can detect problems in real-time, apply countermeasures if needed.
  • In emergencies, AI can alert the IT staff for action.
  • Infrastructure can be adjusted dynamically based on traffic.

How does Google use AI to dominate the search industry?

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Google is using artificial intelligence to help its system understand and learn. Google uses AI to make the results more accurate for each user, which provides a better user experience. Google has always focused on returning the best search results for each user. Besides using artificial intelligence for their algorithms, Google is using the technology for self-driving cars too. The goal of a self-driving car system is to analyse the road ahead of them and make decisions in advance by learning from past experiences. The more experiences the self-driving cars gather, the more sophisticated they become to safeguard the people residing in the vehicle and others in the outside world. Google uses AI to help power its assistant on smartphones. Google uses the technology to determine locations a person typically goes to or eats. Google also pulls in information from different events and emails to show people information they might want to see. Google’s assistant learns over time about the user to help them find the information they are looking for as soon as possible.

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