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Top 3 Cloud Service Provider in 2021

Best Cloud Service

COVID-19 pandemic and remote work have made Cloud Computing even more essential for enterprises. In this article, we will summaries the top 3 cloud providers & Best Cloud services in 2021.


Best cloud service Amazon started AWS in 2008 and currently, AWS is the world’s top cloud service provider. AWS offers a wide variety of services. You name the technology, and AWS will have a service supporting that technology. AWS has made running businesses on the cloud very convenient, so much so that you can use your smartphone to control your operations. AWS is currently the market leader in cloud services with a 33% market share well ahead of its competitors. AWS generated $46 billion in revenues in the year 2020.


Top 3 Cloud services

Microsoft Azure is currently the second-largest player in the cloud service providing industry. Almost 90% of the Fortune 500 companies use Azure as their cloud computing platform. Azure supports multiple operating systems, programming languages, and frameworks. Using large-scale virtualization, Microsoft Azure can provide close to 600 services to its clients. Azure generated $59.5 billion in revenues in the year 2020.


Cloud services

Coming in at the third position is the Google Cloud Platform. It is a competitor to Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure in the cloud services industry. It offers the public cloud, G Suite, APIs, and enterprise versions for their popular operating systems Android and Chrome OS. Cloud services have seen massive growth in the last few years, and the same applies to the Google Cloud Platform. GCP-enabled services run on the same infrastructure which Google uses internally for its products like Gmail, YouTube, Google Search, etc. GCP generated $13 billion in revenues in the year 2020.

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